Headquarters Staff:
1899 L St. NW, Suite 350, Washington, DC 20036-4623
Main 202-466-7200
Fax 202-466-7205

Executive Office

President & Chief Executive Officer: Richard Roldan, 202-355-1338

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO: Meghan Keivel, 202-355-1338, mkeivel@npga.org 

Public & Governmental Affairs

Senior Vice President, Public & Governmental Affairs: Philip Squair, psquair@npga.org, 202-355-1322

Vice President & General Counsel: Jeff Petrash, jpetrash@npga.org, 202-355-1327

Vice President, Communications: Mollie O'Dell, modell@npga.org, 202-355-1332

Director, Legislative Affairs: Matt Bisenius, mbisenius@npga.org, 202-355-1326

Director, State Affairs: Lesley Garland, lgarland@npga.org, 916-531-2231

Director, Political and Industry Affairs: Peter Ferrell, pferrell@npga.org, 202-355-1339

Regulatory & Technical Services

Vice President, Regulatory & Technical Services: Michael Caldarera, P.E.,  mcaldarera@npga.org, 202-355-1323

Senior Technical Advisor: Bruce Swiecicki, P.E., bswiecicki@npga.org, 21200 S. LaGrange Rd., Suite 353, Frankfort, IL 60423, 815-806-9035, FAX 815-806-9036

Director, Safety and Certification: Eric Kuster, ekuster@npga.org, 443-480-6868

Director, Regulatory Affairs: Sarah Reboli, sreboli@npga.org, 202-355-1321

Program Manager: Certification & Technical Services: Jacqueline McCracken jmccracken@npga.org, 202-355-1337

Finance & Administration

Vice President, Finance & Administration: Brian Dunlap, CPA, bdunlap@npga.org, 202-355-1324

Accounting Manager: Malcolm Boardley, mboardley@npga.org, 202-355-1333

Staff Accountant: Carolyn Fedalen, cfedalen@npga.org, 202-355-1330

Human Resources and Scholarship Foundation Manager: Joanne Casey, jcasey@npga.org, 202-355-1328

Office Coordinator/Receptionist: Tomeka Davis, tdavis@npga.org, 202-466-7200

Conventions & Meetings

Director: Kristen White, kwhite@npga.org, 202-355-1334

Meetings Manager: Katie Hathaway, khathaway@npga.org, 202-355-1335

Member Services

Director, Member Services: Christine Hutcherson, chutcherson@npga.org, 202-355-1331

Government Affairs and Membership Coordinator: Tara Falls, tfalls@npga.org, 202-355-1336 

Association Management Services

Mollie O'Dell
1899 L St., Suite 350
Washington, DC 20036
Darlene Hawk-Meigs
941-347-7596 (p) | 866-695-8420 (f)



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