CETP Milestones









1987: The National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) launches the CETP Certification Program — a comprehensive, nationwide training program for employees in the propane industry.

2002: In an effort to make CETP accessible to a greater number of industry members, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) purchases the program from NPGA. The ongoing partnership between PERC and NPGA continues to provide the necessary resources to maintain, update, develop and widely distribute training and certification materials to those who work in our industry.

2004: CETP is revised in 2004 into a more flexible "modular" format that can be used in a variety of settings.  As a performance criterion-based employee training and skills certification program, CETP allows propane professionals to accomplish several business objectives at once. By providing up-to-date, task-specific technical training that eliminates guesswork and empowers employees to perform their jobs confidently, knowledgably and safely, propane business managers can improve the safety of their employees and customers, increase productivity and employee morale, adhere to federal and state regulations, and serve the communities in which they operate.

2006: NPGA partners with a new test processing vendor in 2006 to bring an online testing system to the CETP Certification Program. CASTLE Worldwide provides online testing, Proctor Renewals and the CETP database, while Industrial Training Services continues to provide paper-and-pencil testing. Both testing vendors continue to serve as third-party verification, adding to the credibility of the certification program.

2008: CETP E-Learning is released to the propane industry. The E-Learning DVDs include: Basic Principles and Practices, Propane Delivery Operations & Cylinder Delivery and Bobtail Delivery Operations. The E-Learning programs link directly to the online CETP Certification exam.

2010: The CETP Certification Newsletter is introduced as an industry publication designed for topical information used for notifications, education, and to prepare Candidates, Proctors and Stakeholders about future events, changes or updates in the CETP Certification Program.

2012: NPGA's CETP Certification Program needs, including administration of paper and online exams and database management, move exclusively to Industrial Training Services (ITS) in October.




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